Wizarding Week


Monday, October 7th- Each class will be “Sorted” and find out what “House” they are in. During Prep, they will play tug-o-war, and decorate House Signs for their classroom.

Each class will be working for CLASS POINTS during each Prep October 7-15.
To receive a point, classes need to:

  1. Follow Directions Quickly

  2. Keep your Hands and Feet to Yourself

  3. Raise Your Hand for permission to Speak

  4. Be Pro-Active!

House/Class Points Poster- will be in the hallway by the lunchroom. IT WILL BE UPDATED DAILY!

Preps will be extra fun this week!!

  • Library: k-1 Monsters & 2-5 House Thinking Maps

  • Music: Making Magical Rhythm Wads and singing wizardly song!

  • Computer: Muggle Studies & house Badges

  • PE: Practicing Quidditch!

  • STEM: Disappearing Ink Notes

Quidditch Tournament

On October 15th all Preps will meet together in the PE room and have a Quidditch Tournament between Houses/Classes. The points earned will be added to your House/Class Points.

Quidditch CUP Trophy

The Trophy will be awarded to the House/Class with the most Combine Points.
It will be awarded at and Assembly on October 15th @ 2:10pm!!