Blue Ticket Winners

We feel that the students need to be taught or reminded of such things as being honest, respectful toward themselves and others, and toward their own and other’s property, saying please and thank you, being good listeners, and other similar behaviors.

Adams Elementary uses the “7 Habits” and “Prevention Dimension” curriculum. The students will be reminded of citizenship and courtesy topics. Students will receive blue slips for reinforcing desired values. Teachers will collect and turn in the blue slips to the office on a daily basis. A drawing for the school wide 200 Reward Club will take place each day.

Our First Blue Ticket Celebration was September 25, 2019

10 blue ticket winners and a friend came to the cafeteria at 10:15

The students who earned the Blue Tickets were:

Elliana Oviatt Mrs. Bybee/1st

Kaden Morris Mrs. Bybee/1st

Hazell Allred Ms. Prestwich/1st

Lincoln Bench Ms. Lewis/2nd

Gloria Gracia Mrs. Brown/3rd

Peyton McGivney Mrs. Brown/3rd

Mich Hunting Mrs. Lundberg

Krystal Tolman Mrs. Lundberg

Jenny Flores Mrs. Lundberg"

Allisha Joran Mrs. Manning