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Adams School

Mission of the Logan City School District

Why we exist....

"Ensure ALL students leave our schools ready to create a postive future for them and their community."

Adams School Mission Statement

At Adams Elementary we make students' futures better and brighter by building EACH CHILD'S knowlege and skills in learning, leadership, and technology.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Adams Elementary School!

Acceptable Computer Use Policy

Appearance and Dress Policy

School Specific Dress Standards

Appearance and Dress Policy for Adults in the Building

Arrival and Departure

Bell Schedule

Attendance Policy

Behavior Expectations

Safety and Courtesy Considerations



Child Protection

Choice Enrollment Option

Citizenship and Courtesy Program

Communication Between School and Home

Contact Information

Emergency Preparedness




Field Trips

Homework Policy

Lost and Found


Media Center





PTA and Community Council





Safe School Policy

School Spirit

Student Educational Planning (SEP) Conferences



Title IX

Treats and Snacks


Welcome to Adams Elementary School!

We want every student to know that the school experience is an awesome opportunity to learn lifelong skills, both academic and social. The employees at our school will help each child succeed. Student success will be a collaborative team effort between, students, staff, and parents determined using a definitive growth goal... x to y by z, by the effort that you put forth, and the degree to which we all work together for the best possible experience.

Our Collective Commitments as a Staff and Students at Adams Elementary School:

  1. Create a positive and safe environment.

  2. Persevere in all challenges we face, now and in our future.

  3. Strive to achieve our highest potential in academic and personal areas.

  4. Focus on learning and leading so we can be College and Career Ready.

  5. Collaborate as a Professional Learning Community.

  6. Work in partnership with parents and the community.


With Internet access, comes the availability of material that may not be considered to be of educational value in the context of the school setting. Precautions have been taken to restrict access to objectionable materials. However, it is impossible to control all material and a user may discover controversial or inappropriate information. We believe that the valuable information and interaction available on the Internet outweigh the possibility that users may obtain objectionable material. The violation of any guide lines or prohibitions listed in the

Acceptable Use Policy can result in disciplinary or legal action. We require all students and their parents to sign a consent form for school Internet use. A copy of the Acceptable Use Policy is available on the Adams website. Internet access in the Logan City School District is a privilege and not a right.

Refer to the following link for more information: Locan City School District Responsible Use of the Internet and other Electronic Information Resources Policy


School dress and personal grooming should be appropriate for the educational setting and school experience. Clothing should not detract from nor interfere with appropriate school conduct, safety, and participation. Please keep in mind that students are expected to actively play both inside and outside almost year‑round. Adherence to appropriate dress and grooming expectations is the responsibility of the student and parents. Enforcement of the standards is the responsibility of parents, school, staff and administration. The policy provides discretion for the principal when defining inappropriate dress.

Clothing should be neat, clean, and must cover underwear completely. Gang clothing or inappropriate insignias, phrases, or mottos will not be allowed. Additionally, clothing which promotes alcohol, drugs, or violence are prohibited. Hair should be clean and well groomed. Distracting appearance and/or abbreviated clothing is considered unacceptable school wear.

Some specific dress standards for our school are:

  1. Shoes are required at all times. Because children will be expected to play outside, please ensure that their shoes are appropriate for active play. For safety reasons, flip flops are not allowed.

  2. Students may wear shorts as long as they cover underwear completely and do not detract from nor interfere with school activities.

  3. Halter‑tops and midriffs are not appropriate for school. Sleeveless tops may be worn if they do not detract from nor interfere with the school experience. Shoulder straps must cover shoulder.

  4. Sunglasses and hats are not to be worn in the building.

  5. During the winter, students are still going outside for recess. Students need to come prepared for cold and snow. Snowsuits and boots should be removed upon arrival at school.

Appearance and Dress Policy for Adults in the Building

The dress code for adults is business casual. This includes slacks or khakis, dress shirt or blouse, open‑collar or polo shirt, optional tie or seasonal sport coat, and/or a dress or skirt. Appropriate footwear includes shoes or sandals, but no flip‑flops. Dress jeans (no holes, tears, or frays) and clean sneakers are appropriate as well. Adults should be covered from collarbone to above the knee, give or take a couple of inches. No hats are allowed in the building. The last day of any week is designated as “School Spirit” day (blue jeans and school t‑shirt can be worn.) Specific clothing can be worn appropriately to the activity if some event out of the norm is occurring (e.g. Field Trip, Fun Run, science project, art project, etc). Job title specific clothing will also be allowed for people such as a PE teacher, custodian, life skills or lunch lady. This policy will be enforced at the discretion of the principal.


The outside doors will be unlocked at 8:00 a.m. Students should not arrive before the opening of the building, unless coming for breakfast. The west doors will be unlocked at 7:30 a.m. for those coming for breakfast. School begins at 8:15 a.m. and dismisses at 2:35 p.m. Please remember there is no adult supervision on school grounds before and after school. Unless a child is involved with After‑School Club, or other programs (ex:orchestra), they are expected to go home immediately following dismissal from school.

Parents may pick up their children in designated areas on 600 North and 400 East. Please do not park in the handicapped or bus areas. Parking on 500 north is for pick up and drop off only, and you should stay with your car. Parking on 400 east is for short‑term parking. Please do not encourage your child to run across 400 East or 500 North to be picked up as these roads are heavily traveled.

Find a safe walking route here.

Bell Schedule

1st through 5th Grades: Preschool Schedule Kindergarten Schedule
8:05 First Bell
8:15 Tardy Bell
2:35 Dismissal Bell
8:05 First Bell
8:05 First Bell
No Preschool or Kindergarten on 1/2 days


Please encourage your child to be in his/her classroom when the bell rings at 8:10 a.m. We require a parent signature on the letter that explains our attendance policy.


Students that are habitually tardy disrupt the educational environment and deprive themselves of educational opportunity. Please help us teach your child that punctuality is an important life skill.

The State Board of Education and the Logan City School District require that all children achieve mastery in the essential understandings of reading, language arts, and mathematics. Absence from school interferes with the child’s opportunity to master these skills. According to the Utah Compulsory Attendance Law parents are responsible for their child’s attendance at school. The following reasons have been identified by the school district as reasonable for an “excused absence”: illness; medical appointment; family emergency, death of a family member or close friend; family activity or travel on a limited basis.

Parents should schedule appointments and vacations outside of school time. Please call the School(755‑2320) or send a written excuse each time your child is absent or tardy.

Additionally, students that are habitually tardy to school are also addressed in the Utah Compulsory Attendance Law and could be referred to truancy court.

    If a student becomes ill at school, parents will be contacted. If a parent is not at home, those individuals listed by the parent on the student information card will be contacted. If a child must leave the school during school hours, parents should send a note with him/her to notify the teacher.


A student must check in at the office if they arrive after 8:10 am and when returning to school after being checked out. Teachers will not admit a student without confirmation from the office staff or principal.

To check a student out of school, the parent or an authorized adult must first go to the office and show ID. We cannot release a student without the authorized adult coming into the office to show ID. Students must be signed out on the student check out record in the office. Teachers will not release students to anyone without confirmation from the office staff or principal.


Behavior Expectations are developed for the classroom and for common areas (e.g., playground, lunchroom, library, etc.). Our students are taught and expected to be safe, responsible, and respectful. They promise to:

IN THE BATHROOM Keep hands, feet and objects to self. Always walk. Report any unsafe or unclear condition. Clean up after yourself. Return to class promptly. Listen and follow adult directions. Care for and use school property, equipment, and materials appropriately. Use positive and appropriate language. Give people privacy.
IN THE CAFETERIA Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Always walk facing forward. Use manners. Eat your own food. Stay seated. Care for personal belongings. Contact an adult when needed. Use time appropriately. Keep silent in line. Listen and follow adult directions. Care for and use school property, equipment, and materials appropriately. Use positive and appropriate language. Use inside voices.
IN THE HALLWAYS Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Always walk facing forward. Stay on the right side. Use the door on the right. Care for personal belongings. Contact an adult when needed. Go directly to your destination. Keep silent in line. Listen and follow adult directions. Care for and use school property, equipment, and materials appropriately. Use positive and appropriate language. Use inside voices.
ON THE PLAYGROUND Keep hands, feet, and objects to self. Leave what is on the ground on the ground. Stay off the ice. >Play only approved games. Care for personal belongings. Contact an adult when needed. Follow established rules for games. Listen and follow adult directions. Care for and use school property, equipment, and materials appropriately. Use positive and appropriate language. Include everyone.

Staff members will model, expect, and enforce expectations by taking appropriate action when expectations are not being met. A common set of core beliefs and principles identified by staff members serves as the basis for all decisions regarding the treatment of discipline problems. Recognizing that it is almost impossible to achieve total consistency of beliefs and reactions within a staff, teachers are encouraged to discipline students by selecting from a range of interventions and consequences with the understanding that the intervention or consequence used is consistent with the set of core beliefs and principles commonly agreed upon by the staff and aligns with the severity of the infraction. It is understood that each person will develop special relationships with children and that these will be different in every case. Staff members have the responsibility of learning how to respond to students and set limits in effective ways rather than expecting others to do it for them.


  1. Students should not bring nuisance items; such as skateboards, roller blades, roller skates, scooters, CD and tape players, cell phones, sports equipment, toys, games, cards and other such items to school.

  2. A student is allowed to ride a bicycle to school when:

    • a parent has given permission.

    • all riding safety and courtesy rules are known and willingly followed by the rider.

    • the bicycle is walked on the school grounds during, just before and just after school

    • the bicycle is parked and locked in a bicycle rack during the school day.

  3. Bikes may not be ridden on school grounds during the school day. Students are asked to stay away from the bikes once they have been placed in the bike racks. Students are encouraged to wear bicycle helmets and discouraged from riding double. The school does not assume responsibility for lost or damaged bikes.

  4. Sports or games that involve excessive physical contact are not allowed. For example, tackle football is not allowed.

  5. It is against Logan City ordinances to throw snowballs or any other “projectiles”.

  6. Children should not play between the school building and the street on the South and West side of the building.

  7. Do not ride double or “spin” on the swings. Please take turns riding on the swings.

  8. Don’t climb trees, fences, ramps, basketball standards, poles supporting swings, the school building or other structures not intended for climbing.

  9. Do not play in Adams Park.

  10. Students are not automatically covered by accident insurance while attending school. It is the responsibility of parents to provide accident insurance for their children.


A Free breakfast program is available to all students. Breakfast will be served from 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. Students may enter the building through the West entrance.


The state provides transportation for K‑6 students living beyond 1.5 miles from school.


We advise parents to teach and remind their children:

  • Never go with anyone unless you have made specific plans ahead of time OR if the adult can give a CODEWORD known only to you and your child.

  • The route that they are to take to and from school.

  • Not to go with anyone or anywhere without your prior approval.

Also, we expect children to know, understand, and be able to communicate:

  • Their full name, address, and telephone number. The phone number of a trusted friend or relative.

  • Where to go in case of an emergency or if they are scared and the procedure from there.

  • Some parts of the body are private and they should tell someone if they are touched inappropriately.

  • If they are grabbed by an unfamiliar adult, to fight and yell for help.


Students who reside outside of the Logan School District or within the boundaries of other schools within the district who desire to attend Adams Elementary School must obtain permission from the school of choice. Guidelines and application forms for participation in the program are available at Adams Elementary. Application forms should be submitted along with a non‑refundable $5 processing fee to Adams Elementary between January 1 and January 31. After January 31, transfers will be considered for special needs only. Acceptance will be based on available space in grade levels. The School Choice Application may be found here.

Choice Enrollment Program is a privilege that could be revoked due to serious problems with attendance and/or behavior. Parents must immediately notify the school of any change of address.


We feel that the students need to be taught or reminded of such things as being honest, respectful toward themselves and others, and toward their own and other’s property, saying please and thank you, being good listeners, and other similar behaviors. The students will be reminded of a citizenship and courtesy topics. Students will receive blue slips for reinforcing desired values. Teachers will daily collect and turn in the slips. A drawing for the school wide 200 Reward Club will take place each day.


Teachers will periodically send notes home as will the front office. Many teachers have established a set schedule to send home folders and information. Additionally, our PTA publishes a monthly newsletter. If you have questions or concerns, please contact your child’s teacher or the Principal. If a problem arises, you are encouraged to talk to your child’s teacher first to gain full perspective of the problem. If you are aware of a serious situation at Adams, please contact the Principal directly. Parent link is also used for communication between the school and parents. You can access the message board on‑line:


Please notify the office immediately if you move, your number changes, your employment changes, or your emergency information changes. Additionally, if you are a student at USU, you are encouraged to register with the Campus Locator service. (Women’s Center) If you move out of the Adams’ boundary, please apply for school choice at Adams Elementary immediately. If room allows, we will make every effort to keep your child at Adams.


The following instructions have been prepared by the Logan City School District Emergency Preparedness Committee, PTA, and school administration in preparing for emergencies, maintaining student and staff safety, and minimizing confusion and chaos.

In an emergency the school will:

  • Respond as designated by the Emergency Plan and provide information through the Logan City School District and local radio stations.

  • Care for students until it is safe for them to go home.

  • Work with local agencies.

In an emergency the parents should:

  • Tune in to local radio stations.

  • Stay away from the school unless instructed otherwise by the district administration over the radio.

  • Leave the phone lines open by not calling the school so that the school can manage the emergency.

  • Refer to the Logan City District Emergency Plan.

In an emergency the students will:

  • Stay with teachers and follow their instructions.

Additional information for parents:

  • Emergency Supplies: Each classroom has an emergency kit provided by the district.

  • Communications: Parents will be notified over local radio stations KVNU (610 AM) and KBLQ (92.9 FM). It is suggested that parents have a portable radio for emergencies.

  • Buses: The principal will arrange for bus transportation where possible.

  • Student Pick Up: Students will go home at the regular time and manner, if possible. Please don’t go to the school unless instructed over the radio to do so.

  • Length of Student’s Stay at School: This depends on each emergency. Students will be cared for in the safest possible way.

  • Other Agencies: The principal will work with other city agencies prior to and during the emergency for training, planning and implementation. The appropriate community agencies have been involved in emergency preparedness planning and training. The principal will work with other city agencies during an emergency.


For the safety of our children, we have restricted access to our building. Students, staff, and parents may enter through the West or South doors between 7:30‑8:00 am. All other entrances will be locked during the school day. Parents and visitors should check in at the office. Students that eat breakfast at Adams may enter through the West doors at 7:30. All other student may enter after the first bell rings at 8:00. Parents that need to go to the office should park on the West side of the building and enter through the South door.

Our Kindergarten classrooms will have outside entrances that are accessible before and after each Kindergarten session. Once class starts, you should check your child in at the office and use the inside entrance to the Kindergarten classroom. Please do not knock or otherwise disturb our Kindergarten classrooms while they are in session. It is advisable for you to walk your child to his/her class if they are checking in late. If you are checking your Kindergartner out of school, you must first get a note from the office and then go to the inside entrance of your child’s classroom.


The Utah Constitution prohibits the charging of fees in the elementary schools. That means K‑6 students cannot be charged for textbooks, classroom equipment or supplies, field trips, assemblies, snacks (other than food provided through the School Lunch Program), or for anything else that takes place during the regular school day.

If you wish to purchase school pictures, yearbooks, or similar items through the school, those costs are not fees and will not be waived. Also, if your student loses or damages school property, the costs of replacement or repair are not fees and will not be waived. The school may ask you for tax‑deductible donations, but the school cannot require donations and no child may be penalized for not making a donation.


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents certain rights with respect to the student’s education records.

  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the District receives a request for access. Parents should submit a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect.

  • The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the parent believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents should write the school principal, clearly identifying the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. (


Field trips must be organized and planned so they directly relate to the curriculum in an articulated and coordinated manner. They may be used to place a variety of civic, cultural, community, and business resources within reach of the classroom. Principal approval of all field trips is required. Notification of the field trip should be given to parents well in advance of the activity (two weeks prior notice). Students who participate in field trip activities must have a district release form signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to participate. Parent or legal guardian approval by phone is not acceptable. All students are expected to purchase the sack lunch that is provided by the school.


It is the policy of the Logan City School District that homework become an integral part of the teaching/learning process and will be required for all students. Homework should emphasize independent practice in reading and other basic skills and makeup work following absences from school. If your child is sick and you desire homework, please call the office to make arrangements to have it collected for you to pick up at the office. You can also email your student’s teacher.


We advise parents to label all items that might be lost by children. “Lost and Found” items are hanging on coat hooks near the library. Clothing or other unclaimed articles will be donated to a charitable organization at the end of each month.


A lunch and breakfast menu will be posted on the Adams website. Students may check out to go home for lunch, bring a sack lunch or eat school lunch. Please inquire at the office about free and reduced lunch applications. You can pay for lunch in the office or you may also pay on‑line: Students will receive a red courtesy "lunch" stamp on their hand when they have $1.00 or less remaining in their account. A maximum of three (3) lunch charges may be accumulated before the child will no longer be allowed to eat. Parents may call the office and request information about their child's lunch account. Guests are welcome to eat at school. Please notify the office before 9:00 a.m. and purchase a lunch pass in the office before lunch is served.


The mission of Adams Elementary Media Center is to provide an enjoyable and welcoming place for students, teachers, and staff to find books, resources, and materials that will promote a love of reading and lifelong learning. This is the heart and soul of our school, a place where students can find enjoyable books to read and information that will help them become lifelong learners.

Media Center Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Students may checkout and return books during their weekly library class, after school and during the school day with permission from their classroom teacher. Books are checked out for 2 weeks at a time. The numbers of books students are allowed to check out are as follows:

  • Kindergarten ‑ 1 book
  • 1st through 5th grades ‑ 2 books.

Click on our school catalog to find out what books are available in our library.


There are certain procedures that we must follow when administering medication at school in order to protect our students, abide by Utah law, and avoid the risk of liability if something goes wrong. The required procedures are as follows:

  • Parents must provide the school with a current (renewed at the beginning of each school year) request for medication to be given at school.

  • The student’s prescribing practitioner (i.e. physician, dentist, etc.) must provide a current signed statement indicating that it is medically necessary for medication to be given during school hours.

  • The District School Nurse should be notified and consulted with about the procedures for administering the medication.

  • A record must be kept at the school documenting the date and time the medication is given along with the initials of the person who gave it. At the end of the school year this form should be put in the student’s permanent cum folder.

  • Medication must be delivered to the school in a container that has been properly labeled by a pharmacy. The information on the bottle must match the information provided on the forms.

  • Students may self‑administer asthma medicine provided they have the proper paperwork on hand. Students may not self‑administer other medications. This means they may not carry medication with them and adult supervision is required when the medication is administered.

  • Over the counter medications will be treated as prescription medicines and must come in the container that it was purchased in, with the above mentioned forms on file at the school.

  • Nonmedical school personnel should administer only oral and inhalant medications.

  • If the drug or dosage of the medication is changed, new forms must be filled out and filed in the office.

  • The school district nurse may work with the school to develop an emergency plan for any student who has a medical need that may develop into a health hazard requiring medication as a treatment (i.e., anaphylactic reactions, diabetic insulin reactions, oxygen administration, etc.).


Orchestra is offered to 4th and 5th grade children interested in instrumental music instruction. Enrollment information is available at the office. For more information, visit their page at:


At times, it may seem difficult to contact the Principal. Because of commitment to supporting students and classrooms, the office is not a common place to find the Principal. However, the opportunity to talk with parents is of utmost priority. If you’d like to talk by phone, or would like an appointment, please indicate to the office secretary that you are a parent, and give a brief explanation of your concern. Phone calls will generally be returned within 24 hours.


On healthy air days and days when the weather permits, all students will be expected to go outside for school and class recesses. If your child needs to stay inside due to a medical condition, please send a note or contact the office. Students are welcome to bring labeled sports equipment that is going to be used safely and appropriately at recess. Equipment needs to be left in backpack or given to their classroom teacher until used.

GradeTeacher Arrival at Lunchroom Playground Pickup Early Release Lunchroom Arrival Early Release Playground Pickup Inclement Weather Lunchroom Arrival Inclement Weather Playground Pickup Inclement Weather Location
Kindergarten 10:40 10:40
Life SkillsWilson 10:48 11:28 10:39 11:09 10:48
SecondAlder 10:53 11:33 10:44 11:14 10:53 11:26 Computer Lab
SecondProbst 10:56 11:36 10:47 11:17 10:56 11:26 Computer Lab
SecondMcClellan 10:59 11:39 10:50 11:20 10:59 11:26 Computer Lab
FirstErmer 11:03 11:43 10:57 11:27 11:03 11:35 P.E.
FirstWright 11:06 11:46 11:00 11:30 11:06 11:35 P.E.
ThirdJ. anderson 11:09 11:49 11:03 11:33 11:09 11:38 Library
ThirdK. anderson 11:12 11:52 11:06 11:36 11:12 11:38 Library
FifthBodily 11:14 11:54 11:08 11:38 11:14 11:45 Your Classroom (supervised by Aide)
FifthGreen 11:16 11:56 11:10 11:40 11:16 11:45 Your Classroom (supervised by Aide)
FourthManning 11:18 11:58 11:12 11:42 11:18 11:49 Your Classroom (supervised by Aide)
FourthNorton 11:20 12:00 11:14 11:44 11:20 11:49 Your Classroom (supervised by Aide)
*Inclement Weather will be announced and called by 10:30 AM*

Inclement Weather is deturmined by the following
-Raining-      -Below 10 Degrees-      -Red air day-      -Snow storm
As a reminder, when called for inclement weather, lunch/recess is cut short by 10-13 minutes.

We use to determine what the air quality is.


PTA and the Community Council have are an integral part of Adams Elementary, and the school owes much of its success to these organizations which are kept in motion by very dedicated and talented parent volunteers. Please contact the front office or PTA Council and let them know you’d like to volunteer.

The Community Council is comprised of two teachers, four parents, and the principal. This is a primary advisory council for the school which develops our school improvement plan, makes budgetary recommendations, and addresses parental concerns. Students, parents, and community members are encouraged to use the community council process to address concerns they may have. You can review over the agenda and minutes of the Community Council Meetings by visiting their page:


Throughout the year we have opportunities to feature classrooms on Channel 3, to publish student work, and to be featured in local publications. Additionally, our PTA publishes a student directory. If you do not support this, please provide a written note to the front office by September 15 so we may contact your child’s teacher and the PTA.


Accurate information for emergencies is critical. Please notify the school immediately when changes occur in addresses, telephone numbers, or emergency numbers. Changes in names given for emergency contact or for custodial reasons need to be given to the school promptly. If you plan on moving, the school can give you a copy of the student’s records but the original records need to be sent to the new school.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) afford parents certain rights with respect to the student’s records. They are:

  • The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the District receives a request for access. Parents should submit a written request to the school principal that identifies the records they wish to inspect. The principal will make arrangements for access and notify the parent of the time and place where the records may be inspected.

  • The right to request the amendment of the student’s education records that the parent believes is inaccurate or misleading. Parents may ask Logan City School District to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading. They should write the school principal, clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading. If the District decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent, the District will notify the parent of the decision and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment. Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent when notified of the right to a hearing.

  • The right to consent to disclosures of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests. A school official is a person employed by the District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement personnel); a person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the District has contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or a parent or student serving on an official committee, such as a disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.
    A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an educational record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility. Upon request, the District discloses information contained in education records without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.

  • The right to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the District to comply with the requirements of FERPA. The name and address of the office that administers FERPA is:

    • Family Policy Compliance Office
      U.S. Department of Education
      600 Independence Avenue, SW
      Washington, DC 20202‑4605

Note: Personal information about students, known as directory information, can be made public. This information may include a student’s name, address, telephone number, and other information typically found in school yearbooks or athletic programs. Photographs or videotapes of school and classroom activities and public performances are also included in this classification. If parents do not wish this information to be made public, the school must be contacted within 15 days of this notice. The Adams School PTA directory will include information about the PTA and the school. The name, address, and phone number for every student will also be included. If you do not want your phone number included, please notify the office in writing by September 15th.


Adams teachers strive to maintain a high number of positive interactions with students and limit negative interactions with students. Praising them, expressing appreciation and gratitude, encouraging them and pointing out every good thing possible is our main goal. We want to reach out to students in kind, loving, and helpful ways while building on strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses or mistakes.

Refocus gives students an opportunity to recover from behaviors that disrupt their own personal learning and the learning of others. We rate behavior in the following categories:

Class 1 Behaviors are easily dealt with and taken care of in a classroom setting.

Class 2 Behaviors should be dealt with first in the classroom. If a problem continues and the teacher is unable to teach through the disruption, a refocus referral is appropriate:

  • Inappropriate interactions (actions, language, etc.).
  • Defiance (refusal, arguing, leaving assigned area, etc.).
  • Disruptive

Class 3 Behaviors or Safe School Violations should always be dealt with through the Principal (Sundee Ware) and the Refocus Specialist (Mary Gammon), and are always an automatic refocus referral:

  • Aggression (towards peers or staff)
  • Weapons (including replicas)
  • Bullying/Aggression
  • Bullying/Threats or intimidation
  • Bullying/Teasing, put downs, exclusion, slander
  • Verbal threat
  • Sexually inappropriate behavior
  • Property damage
  • Theft
  • Students who are a threat to themselves or others
When students consistently have behavior problems, we will seek input from parents and/or follow up with the consequences of the safe school policy.


Parents must come to the school office to register a new student. The principal will notify the assigned teacher that a new student has been enrolled so that the teacher can organize materials and prepare to welcome the student into the class. The principal or the school secretary will introduce the new student to his/her teacher at the start of the next school day. Please consider the following:

  1. Age of Admission ‑ Children who are five (5) years old on or before September 1st are eligible for Kindergarten.
  2. Birth Certificates ‑ A birth certificate verifying the child's birth date is required at the time of registration.
  3. Proof of residency ‑ A rental agreement, a utility bill, a driver’s license with the current address on it.
  4. Physical Examinations ‑ The Logan City School District encourages a physician's complete physical examination for all pupils entering Kindergarten and again in the third grade.
  5. Immunizations ‑ A child must have proof of required immunizations when entering the school as a new student. The minimum required immunizations for school entry include:
    • 5 doses of DtaP/DTP/DT ‑ 4 doses are acceptable if the 4th dose was given after the 4th birthday; 3 Td required if started after age
    • 4 doses of Polio ‑ 3 doses are acceptable if the 3rd dose was given after the 4th birthday.
    • 2 doses of Measles ‑ required of all students kindergarten through grade 1
    • Two doses of Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine are acceptable. The first dose of measles containing vaccine must be given on or after the 1st birthday.
    • 1 dose of Mumps ‑ must be given on or after the 1st birthday.
    • 1 dose of Rubella ‑ must be given on or after the 1st birthday.
    • 4 doses of Haemophilus Influenza type b (Hib) ‑ dosing schedule is based upon student’s current age and number of previous doses received. Hib is not required for kindergarten entry.
    • 3 doses of Hepatitis B ‑ required for students born after July 1, 1993 prior to entering kindergarten. It is not required to attend an early childhood program.
    • 1 dose of Varicella (chickenpox) ‑ EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2002 ‑ required for students born after July 1, 1996 prior to entering kindergarten. It must be given on or after the 1st birthday. Parental history of disease is acceptable. Parent/Guardian must sign verifying history of disease.
    • 2 doses of Hepatitis A ‑ EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2002 ‑ required for students born after July 1, 1996 prior to entering kindergarten. The first dose of Hepatitis A must be given on or after the 2nd birthday.


Safe schools refers to the belief that all students have an opportunity to learn in a safe environment that is conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption. The Utah Legislature passed a law that requires school districts to develop a conduct and discipline policy for all students. The following provisions govern the conduct of school age individuals in the Logan District Safe School Policy:

  1. Students shall:
    1. Be given notice of applicable rules of conduct,
    2. Comply with applicable rules of conduct,
    3. Show respect for other people and obey persons in authority.
  2. Students may be suspended or expelled from a public school for the following reasons and students may not:
    1. Possess weapons or any replica or facsimile of weapons, or other material dangerous to persons or property, regardless of intent and whether functional or non‑functional,
    2. cause damage to personal or real property or cause harm to others through:
      1. arson;
      2. burglary;
      3. stealing;
      4. criminal mischief;
      5. battery;
      6. assault;
      7. harassment;
      8. vandalism;
      9. hazing;
      10. participation in any activity which violates an applicable school rule or federal, state or local law or ordinance, or disrupts normal school proceedings or through threats of participation in any plan or conspiracy to the foregoing;
      11. participation in conduct which threatens harm or does harm to the school, school property, person associated with the school or property associated with such persons.
    3. Commit an offense against an educator. We use a variety of prevention and intervention strategies for improving student behavior and limiting the expulsion or suspension of students from school.

Logan City School District is committed to fostering an environment in the public schools for students, staff, community, neighbors and visitors which is safe, conducive to the learning process, and free from unnecessary disruption. A safe school environment includes the school and grounds during school hours, district‑provided transportation, and school sponsored activities. The following policy and guideline have been created for this purpose in accordance with Utah State Law. (UCA 35A‑11‑904,905,906,907)

The purpose of the policy is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning by developing proactive strategies for reinforcing and improving student behavior. This policy also determines standards and procedures for dealing with students who cause disruption in the school setting.

According to Utah Law, any violation related to the possession of weapons or controlled substances is grounds for immediate suspension or expulsion. Logan City School District policy also complies with the Federal Gun‑Free Schools Act which requires that any student bringing a fire arm to school or a school sponsored activity shall be expelled for at least a year. (See Policy Section IV, B)

Incidents involving imminent danger to students, school staff member, or property will also result in suspension or expulsion. (See Section IV, B, 2, 3)

The policy includes creates imminent danger to persons or property, or if the student’s behavior violates the weapons or drug‑free policy, the student shall be suspended and the parent contacted. A conference will then be scheduled to determine the outcome of the incident. (See Section V, A, B, C)

If drugs, weapons, and/or imminent danger were not involved, the incident will be handled by an administrator who will investigate the circumstances and conference with the student. Appropriate action will be taken based on the circumstances. (See Section VI, A, B, C)

If the student has violated the policy, the student’s parent(s) will be contacted and a conference will be scheduled. The alleged conduct and evidence will be reviewed and the student will have the opportunity to respond and present relevant information. A determination and recommended action will then be made by the school administrator. An appeals process is available if the student or parent does not agree with the action taken.

If you need more information on the safe schools policy, see district policy.


Our mascot is the Owl and the school colors are Navy Blue and White. We like to celebrate our school spirit on the last school day of every week by wearing school colors or school shirts.


SEP is a program in which the student, teacher, and parent meet to set student goals and review progress. This allows everyone concerned to work toward the same goal. The child also has input into and feels more a part of his/her education. SEP conferences are scheduled twice a year (Fall and Winter). Parents and students (except for kindergarten) attend SEP conferences. Teachers will notify parents of their appointments prior to the SEP conference dates. Please do not plan family vacations during SEP conference days. Adams Elementary uses Online Scheduling for these conferences.

Parent conferences with the teacher may be scheduled any time during the school year by either the parent or the teacher to discuss individual concerns. Appointments should always be made with teachers so that conferences can be private and objective.


We encourage all parents and grandparents to volunteer per your circumstances. Please contact your child’s teacher to volunteer. For the safety of students, all adults entering the building during school hours must be first checked in at the office.


The administrative assistant or an office assistant is available to take calls from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Teachers are not available to take phone calls during instructional time; please be prepared to leave a message. Students will be allowed to use the office phone for school business with the approval of his/her teacher. Arrangements for transportation home or requests to go home with a friend need to be discussed before a child leaves home in the morning not after school on the phone.


Logan City School District’s Title IX Compliance Officer:
David Long
Technical Services Director
101 West Center Street
Logan, Utah 84321
(435) 755‑2300


Treats and snacks are allowed within the confines of the classroom under the teacher’s direction. Store bought treats brought to school by the parents for the child's birthday are acceptable, if cleared with the teacher and arranged to be given at a time which will not interfere with the regular school program.


Visitors are welcome at school and may visit at any time; they should begin at the office and sign in. You will then receive a visitors’ sticker or lanyard. Please make prior arrangements if you plan to visit your child’s teacher. Only enrolled students will be allowed to attend classes. Please note that the school will not facilitate custodial visitations. It is a reasonable expectation that parents will work out visitation during non‑school hours. Students will only be released to those custodians and emergency contacts in the students profile (ID will be required). If you have concerns regarding custodial visitation or access, please contact the Principal to apprise her of your situation.