Community Council
September 10, 2018
Adams Leveled Library


  • Tiffany Vail
  • Tom Papiernik
  • Liz Carr
  • Michelle Selui
  • Marisa Oviatt
  • Natalie Phillips
  • Sundee Ware
  • Make Hale

Review Norms


The LEarning Pit: Marisa

  • Introductions by John Hattie from New Zealand, "Learning involves being on the edge of knowing and not knowing."
  • Idea from James Nottingham. The learning pit is a framework for learning, failure is a necessary part of learning, it's when we hit a problem, face a task, new idea, etc.
  • The learning pit helps us move forward, jump in, and face obstacles. When we are in the bottom of the pit we feel confused, fear etc.
  • As we climb out of the pit, we apply different approaches and begin to learn, maek mistakes, figuer out how to fix it.
  • We learn to know what to do when we don't knwo what to do.
  • Develop resilience.
  • Enjoy Success! Help someone else, move on to another task.
  • Video with examples- Michael Jordan, all the missed shots and failures lead to success
  • The "Learning Pit" is our school theme for learning.
  • It goes with the idea "I believe in the power of yet." Growth Mindset
  • It's no that we cannot do it, it's that we cannot do it yet.
  • Starting and ending of the Pit are at different levels. We climb out a higher level that when we started.
  • Kids will use this language at Parent Teacher Conferences, comfortable saying where we are...
  • I don't understand it yet, but I am getting closer, not embarrassed.
  • Grit- not giving up. Culture of error is how we learn.

Drop off/Pick up: Sundee

  • General Feeling that it has been better but making gains.
  • Less students darting out in road to cross or get in on the driver's side.
  • More parents lining up in same direction in grade level locations
  • We will find out Sept. 12th @ 7 pm if request to extend "No Parking" to where the power line is gets approval. It would would extend teh pick up area on the south side of the block farther to the East, about halfway up the park.
  • Mike's question, how about when it gets cold...will older kids be able to go through the building to pick up the little ones?
    • We will figure it out, we are watching patterns and looking for problems.
  • Meeting places and color tags were mentioned.
  • Line was 6 minutes today on kindergarten side.
  • Liz and Michelle conceren: We need adults on corners of 4th East, 5th North and 6th North.
  • Michelle called Logan City Police about a crossing guard. Liz Counted 14 children crossing without crossing flags or gaurd.
  • 4th East and 10th North needs the flags with a place to them back
  • Crossing Guard helps with crossing 10th (from south or north) but not on 4th East going from East to West.
  • We need help crossing 4th East on 10th


  • Orginization moved, seconded, voted on:
    • President: Liz Carr for agenda
    • Secretary: Natalie for notes

Items for Next Meeting

  • We will go over our imporovement with parking and drop off/pick up.
  • We will review our SLO(student learning outcomes) with our back to school data from DIBELS.


    Mike's number was listed incorrectly his number is: 435-764-7711

Trustland Report

  • Trustland money was used to buy 70 chromebooks for the entire 3rd grade. Now 3-5 grade all have working chromebooks.
  • Thrid Graders will take the chromebooks with them for 4th new year and 5th the next year.
  • The oldest computers from 5th that work go back to 1st and 2nd
  • Kindergarten and 1st also have ipads


  • Company wil be here on October 2-3 for parents to ask questions/get information about Lexia in computerlab before and after parent teacher conference appointments.
  • community council training hasn't been scheduled yet. It will be happening and we will go.
  • Sundee will send the link to watch video available for Community Council Training.

Other Business

  • School Motto- Adams Owls Work, Learn, Succeed
  • Seven Habits- Leader in me
  • Tom: Wizard Week School Activity
    • October 8-17
    • Students will have activities with the specialists in their STEM, Library, Music, PE, and Computer classes.