Community Council Minutes
May 13, 2019
Adams leveled Library


  • Michelle
  • Mike
  • Frank
  • Sundee
  • Natalie

Trustland's Budget Update:

  • Look on back of Agenda for notes for information
  • Look at last year's budget update, and look at 2019-2020 summary of estimated expenditures from all goals for next year.

Future Agendas

  • We will put on our agendas for the future: a running list of what we need, continue to keep list current to maintain what we need.

TV and Vivi Update:

  • Sundee has been doing a lot of research to find out how to maintain the smartboards.
  • The cost is so much better to pay for the big 76-inch TV and Vivi to "mirror" things.
  • Money for these is not from Trustland's money.
  • The new and improved system will be better because NO projectors necessary, no replacements/repairs/maintenance for smartboards; what a great thing!
  • They will be up and ready before June 3 and 4 will be training fro teachers.

Results of Paretn Survey

  • Discussion about the calendar.
  • Days off should be the same to make it easier for families and for day care.
  • Frank is wondering if the questions were accurate or if maybe we need different questions.
  • Liz is wondering if there could be more comments.
  • There needs to be more safety. As it is, anyone can come inot any part of the school/property.
  • There will be new vistibules installed where school visitors will have to be "buzzed in" and there will be cameras installed.
  • The recent danger from the man who was threatening school swas disturbing for parents, information went out fast to Cache District parents, so Logan parents were a little behind getting the information.
  • Mike reassured everyone that Logan was on it as quick as Cache. There is no reason to worry.

Discussion about parent/teacher conferencesf

  • It takes a long time in the middle school because the wait is long.
  • Sometimes the overlap is difficult.
  • It looks like the schedule is better for next year including end of September and beginning of February.
  • If people who strongly agree or strongly disagree could add comments to survey, it would help.

Neighborhood Outreach - First Week of School:

  • When can we take thank you cards/notes to the great neighborhoods watching out for our school?

Year End Review:

  • Start-Stop-Continue:
    • Continue feeding free breakfast
    • Continue our pick-up rules and drop-off rule. (Staff needs to stop parking on the other side of the street; please use the parking lot.) It's still kind of a long line for pre-school, kindergarten, and 1st grade.
    • Continue the pantry and food for weekends.
    • Continue the Christmas Dinner delivery. Find more families in need.
    • Continue activities and field trips.
  • Please thing about starting a homework room or something to help kids who need to get work finished.
    • Lets get tot the bottom of whay and possibly get them into afterschool club.
    • There is the prep time option if work needs finished.
    • If students aren't understanding, we need to give help.
    • But, also kids need the mental and social and physical growth.
    • Getting to the bottom of what kids need is important.

Look at Important Dates

  • Notice tomorrow the pop-up assembly celebrating sight word growth.
  • Notice next year August 19th back to school night and September 10th first Community Council Meeting.

Thank You

  • Have we told you reese-ntly how thankful ew are for you...(reeses peanut butter bars) :)
  • Thanks for everything everyone!