Community Council Minutes
April 16, 2018 @ 3 pm
Adams Leveled Library

  • Sundee Ware
  • Frank Stewart
  • Lauan Godfrey
  • Andgie Wiser
  • TIffany Vail
  • Liz Carr


  • FTE(Full-Time Teacher Equivalent) for 2018-2019 school year
    • Adams will not be receiving any new students from the boundary changes
    • Some teacher are leaving and adjusments have been made.
    • One teacher still needs to be hired.
  • Evacuation Drill
    • Infomation will be going out to the residents/community that the drill will be happening
    • Some parents have concerns and will be made to those parents.
    • Logistics are still being worked out since there are several new teachers that weren't involved in the initial planning last year.
    • Adams' evacuation site is the church house on 500 East
    • A date is not set yet to carry ou this evacuation practice.
  • Drop off/Pick up Safety
    • Frank Stewar report from disucssion with mayor Daines
      • The following is an email from Mayor Daines
        • Hi,

          I met with the Chief Jensen about your concerns regarding U turns in front of Adams school.

          Technically it is not illegal to do a U turn there. However, he will ask Officer Gleisberg, who works at all the schools doing programs with the 5th graders, to spend a couple of days at school pickup time visiting with parents about the danger of U turns with all the students crossing.

          I also talked to Paul Lindhart about the parking issues, and I will wait for your photos and then we can talk specifics. Paul also said he was aware of a parking plan the city proposed to Adams some time ago, which would have moved all pickup/drop off to the parking lot. Evidently they do that at Wilson. He is going to look for the plan. I think it would have cost some money because there needed to be some modifications to the lot to make it work, but if the school is really interested in addressing safety issues, maybe you should look at that as a long term solution.

          I know you mentioned the Edith Bowen parking situation. I asked my sister in law, and she said all teachers are required to be outside to help with after school pickup, and are assigned a certain area to monitor for safety issues. So maybe we need to also have police work with the school administration and PTA on an overall plan to address all the issues in conjunction with possible signage.


          Holly H. Daines

    • The following suggestions have been made for safety
      • 4-way stop
      • color-marquees for pick up
      • medians
      • Paul Lindhart: city ordinance director for Logan City will be visiting and observing parking.
      • Lt. Jensen is planning to visit Adams and observe what is happening with traffic in front and aroudn the school.
      • Flashers on all stop signs
  • Volunteer of the Year
    • CC members read each submission for Volunteer of the Year and voted on one.
    • The date to present the award is TBA
  • Community Council Members Suggetions for next year
    • Tiffany Wiberg
    • Tiffany Vail
    • Mike Hale
    • Lori Hale
    • Life-skills Parent (? names)
    • Liz Carr
  • Greatest Showman Awards Assembly May 23rd @ 12 p.m.
  • Successes this year
    • Grade-level essentials
    • Lexia(each grade is soaring in meeting their usage requirements each week.)
  • End Time
    • 3:45 p.m.

Next Meeting

    May 7, 2018 @ 3 p.m.