Community Council Agenda
March 21, 2018 @ 3 pm
Adams Faculty Lounge


Important Dates

  • March 15th-12 day of school
  • March 16th- No School
  • March 20th- 22nd- Spelling Bee Finals
  • March 23rd- AR Movie Day
  • March 26th- Nominations for Volunteer of the Year deadline
  • March 27th- Adams doing Opening Ceremonies at District Board Meeting
  • April 2nd-6th- Spring Break
  • April 9th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
    • Vote for Volunteer of the Year
  • April 10th- 12th- Preschool and Kindergarten Registration at Bridger Elementary
  • May 1st May Day Presentation
    • Passing out School Community Council Candidate Forms (due back by May 10th)
  • May 14th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
    • Review over candidate forms for Community Council

For Your Information