Community Council Minutes (revision)
March 12, 2018 @ 3:05 pm
Adams Leveled Library


  • Sundee Ware
  • Parent Liaison
  • Liz Carr
  • Launa Godfrey
  • Angie Wiser
  • Frank Stewart

SIP/School Land Trust Amendment Form

  • Those in attendance signed the amendment form to carry over the amount $6,793.83 to the 2018-19 school year.

SIP (School Improvement Plan)

  • Amendment to the mid-year report, the whole school, mid-year outcomes is 92%, not 76%

Drop-Off/Pick-Up presentation by Parent Liaison

  • Problems: double parking, u-turns, children running through cars
    • Solutions
      • Color coding grades drop-off/pick-up sections around the block
      • Siblings meet at the oldest siblings drop-off/pick-up spots
      • Involve students for painting margins (space between curb and bike lane) for drop-off/pick-up zones and parents places sticker on rear view mirror so they are sure of the place they are meeting their students
      • Adding a median on 400 East and 500 North (length is still to be determined)
      • Add four-way stops with blinking lights to all intersections surrounding the school
      • Add four-way stops with blinking lights to all intersections surrounding the school
      • Add speed lights is another idea to improve speed
    • Enforcement
      • "All-hands on deck" (teachers/staff) will be in place before/after school to help parents during drop-off/pick-up times when the 'margins' are painted/zoned for drop-off/pick-up
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      • Letter and Personal Calls Home
    • The need is great to have Drop-Off and Pick-Up running smoothly because we are adding students next school year because of the boundary change.
    • Action Steps
      • Frank Stewart will talk with the School District about a median
      • Liz Carr will attend the Adams Neighborhood Meting with Mayor Holly Daines on Tuesday (March 13) to discuss a possible median
      • Orange-jacketed person needed on duty at intersections to enforce safety
      • Paretn Liaison will invite all faculty to his office to learn about eh Drop-Off/Pick-Up enforcement
  • Reviewed and Approved Goals for teh School imporvement Plan
    • Community Council voted to approve school-wide goals.
    • The goals were unanimously apporved.
  • Adams' teachers developed the goals in Math and Reading and are the following
    • Reading- 85% of studetns in grades K-5 will make typical growth and/or reach benchmark on the End-of-Year DIBELS Reading composite score.
    • Math- 80% of students will reach porficient composite score and/or typical growth on the End-of-Year DIBLES MATH compostie score.
  • Frank Stewart (new School Board Member)
    • He is an advocate for Adams Elemetnary and actually an alumni. Frank has been insturmental in neighborhood improvement in teh area. He will work with USU Student body Officers to inform, educate and work to include them in service activites they could be involved with in the Adams community.
  • Adjourn
    • 4:00 pm