Community Council Agenda
February 12, 2017 @ 3 PM
Adams Faculty Lounge


  • Science Fair
    • Rhiannon
  • MOY data results SIP
  • 2018-2019 SIP
  • Neighborhood Council
  • For your background, Mayor Daines sees this as a two-way opportunity to interact: NC members can bring concerns to us as a city, and we can bring issues to them for help and feedback. She plans for these groups to be neighborhood-driven, based on what is important to that particular area. At the first meeting, the group will determine a Chairperson, who will help set the agenda and future meeting schedule. Some possible considerations for this group will be:

    • Addressing neighborhood issues like over-occupancy, property maintenance, streets and sidewalks, etc.
    • Providing feedback to the city on a variety of issues
    • Perhaps initiating neighborhood improvement projects with city support
    • Other items of interest to the group
  • Update on stop signs around school
  • Drop off / Pick up
  • Progress Report
  • School Plan for 2018-2019
  • Teacher of the Year nominations
    • Rubric
  • Caroline St-Onge (Community member)
    • Vision Screening


  • March 12th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
    • vote on School Improvement Plan for 18-19
  • April 9th- Community Council Meeting @ 3
    • vote on Volunteer of the Year
  • May 14th- Community Council Meeting @ 3