Community Council Minutes
February 12th @ 3 PM
Adams Faculty Lounge


  • Angie Wiser
  • Launa Godfrey
  • Gin Manning
  • Liz Carr
  • Tiffany Wiberg
  • Sundee Ware
  • Rhiannon Peatross

Science Fair Report

  • Rhiannon - 185 projects submitted, activities in Media Center run by USU Physics & Geology Clubs and Dept. Head for Project Stitch.
  • 5th grade student, Van - submitted a project through ASC; her project title: Light Up Card, won 1st place in 5th grade
  • ASC students- the students decided their project, developed a hypothesis, conducted their experiment with supplies purchased through ASC workers and Gin Manning.
  • Each grade had a first place winner and an honorable mention.
  • Suggestions for next year
    • Judging should be done prior to the night of the fair.
    • ASC should be involved again in the Science Fair night next year.
    • Start on projects earlier next year.
    • Storage of projects was a difficult issue.

Stop Signs

  • Parent, Liz Carr, is campaigning for more stop signs near Adams.
  • There is a meeting with the Logan Street Committee on Tuesday @ 8:00 am.
  • Discussion at the meeting will be about stop signs, and establishing signs for loading/unloading kids.

MOY Data Results/Progress Report

  • Dibels growth: 86% of whole school made typical growth
  • STAR growth: 76% of whole school made typical growth

Needs Assessments Survey

  • Community Council members will complete the survey and turn in for a narrowing of the issues PTA could address.

Nominations for Teacher of the Year

  • Each CC member, except Sundee, completed a rubric to score nominations for Teacher of the Year

Vision Screening

  • Carolyn St-Onge, parent at Hillcrest, OT working with vision processing deficiencies
  • Carolyn is promoting a change in the way a vision screening is administered.
  • Carolyn will meet with the school nurse regarding this kit.
  • Sundee will email the school nurse and principals with information.
  • Angie will pass on visual symptoms survey to Cherie Musacchia to put on the I-drive for interventions.

February 27th

  • This is the date for the District presentation to Teacher of the Year

Neghborhood Council

  • Mayor Daines would like Neighborhood Councils formed.
  • It was proposed that a CC member be the attendee at a Neighborhood Council meeting
  • Further action on this is needed.

2018-2019 SIP

  • Language Arts and Math teams from a pool of Adams teachers will be formed to design the school improvement plan and present to Community Council.


  • 4:25 pm