Community Council Minutes
February 11, 2019
Adams leveled Library


  • Sundee
  • Tiffany
  • Michelle
  • Liz
  • Frank
  • Mike
  • Natalie

Progress Report

  • Estimated Carry Over - $258

Invention Convention

  • Thank You to the Judges!
  • Families that came had a great time.
  • Next year
    • be more clear on judging during the day.
    • Have more participate by giving an idea of a problem to solve.

Beach Day

  • Fun!
  • Ideas for next year
    • Beach towels?
    • Maybe not because some families don't have towels
    • More dancing?
    • Kids get to dance?
    • Yes, at the beginning

Flight of the owls

  • Students with 100 points get to run the halls, we get to cheer!

Bounce and Slide

  • Great Experience

Next A.R. party at the end of March

  • Movie at the Utah


  • Needs volunteers for Valentine's Tea on February 14th in the afternoon
  • Needs volunteers fro Fun Run April 25th
  • Need volunteers for at home projects
  • PTA meeting in Faculty Lounge 2/13/2019 @ 2:45

Teacher of the Year

  • Mike, TIffany, Michelle, Liz, and Frank read nominations and then vote for teacher of the year.

Review important dates

Approve last month notes

  • Liz motioned
  • Tiffany 2nd
  • All in favor


  • Liz motioned
  • Michelle 2nd
  • All in favor

Next meeting

  • March 11th (next big project is the School Improvement Plan)