Community Council Minutes
December 10, 2018
Adames Leveled Library


  • Sundee
  • Liz
  • Michelle
  • Natalie

Other Business

Food for Schools:Sundee explained the food pantry has a donor, and they have set up a small pantry in our school. They come once a month and keep it stocked. It is for students, families, anyone at Adams who is hungry at home. If teachers hear anything that indicates that someone is hungry, they can get food from the pantry at school plus go to the food pantry for a grocery cart full with no questions asked. They keep inventory full and trust that it is going to people who need it.

School Community Council Responsibiliteis, Resources, and Digial Citizenship Requirement:
  • Sundee explained the one to one for net safety, learning initiative, doing reflex math, i-ready, etc. Programs we bring in.
  • Netsmart trained everyone student on November 5th
  • Lots of resources. Logan City School District site has internet safety resources.
  • Michelle suggested to put this link on facebook/Instagram
Trustland Training Link:
  • We can watch on the link on our time. Click here for link
  • Liz talked about increasing aide pay rate, keeping more consistent people, also buying planners for fifth graders,
  • Michelle talked about presentation on internet safety.
  • Sundee talked about how kids will be using google calendar more than planners. What is best for kids is preparing them for the future.
Trustland Info:
  • Sundee talked about making an amendment for another teacher in large classes in the lower grades, kindergarten and 1st graders. Sundee explained the need for creating the smaller classes. She also explained where the money can come from. These younger students need smaller classes and a good foundation.
  • ndee has approval for 1 ½ paid by Title money, the other ½ paid as amendment is approved.
  • Michelle motioned to approve amendment. Everyone seconded it. Unanimously Voted yes
  • Michelle volunteered to help interview.
Parent Compact(revised):
  • We all looked at changes on the SEP compact. Teacher changes in red on new form.
  • Michelle motioned, voted unanimously yes.
  • Sundee said the “no parking” between 2:00 and 3:00 pm signs are up
White Ribbon Week January 7-11:
  • Michelle has information ready to look at for white ribbon week. Info includes letters prepared for teachers and for parents, resources, power boost messages, poster ideas, lunch activities, notes home, etc.
  • Sundee will invite the specialists to teach power boost lessons. Aides for each grade can also do the lunch activities.
  • Liz will do bulletin board.
  • After school club can also participate in power week and help.
Invention Convention:
  • All kids need to turn in their intent to invent.
  • Prizes, judging, etc… quick conversation.
  • Michelle and Liz offered to vote.
  • We need inventors to present.
  • Problem to solve for all kids to participate with.
  • Minutes from last month motion to approve by Michelle and seconded by Sundee.
  • Michelle motion to close meeting, Liz seconded it.

Next Meeting

  • January 14, 2019