Community Council Minutes
January 14, 2019
Adams leveled Library


  • Liz
  • Michelle
  • Rhiannon
  • Natalie
  • Tiffany
  • Frank
  • Mike
  • Sundee

Welcome: Liz

  • Explain Invention Convention 6:00-7:00 pm- Rhiannon
    • Is anyone available to come help judge?
      • Michelle @ 8:50
      • Liz @ 9:45
      • Frank @ 10-11

Follow up

  • Liz emailed links for School Community Council responsibilities, resources, etc.

Sage Data: Sundee

  • Typical Growth
  • Test will be called RISE this year
  • Michelle brought up the academic language and how important it is to use it in teaching directions like "explain" and "describe".

Reflections: Liz

  • Great Job Students!
  • Paisley Maus- 2nd in region for 3D visual arts
  • Warren Ludlow- 1st in region for photograpy, going on to state.

New Teacher Update: Sundee

  • Paid for by Title 1 for 1.5 and 0.5 from Trustlands
  • Three kindergarten classes now with Maddi Lewis.
  • Three 1st grade classes with Brittney Reeder.
  • Smooth transition
  • All parents were called and concerns discussed.

Holiday Concert Review: Michelle

  • Great Concert!
  • They learned lots of things...she liked the sing along and words displayed between classes.
  • Problem with saving seats for whole rows, other families arriving and not getting seats together.
  • Mike- Not enough singing from kids, feedback Mike received in public about parents wanting more singing from kids.
  • Mike thought the way it went was great, he appreciates all the work that goes into it, could it be more streamlined, less down time...
  • Liz isn't a fan of one more thing in December to do
  • Frank is a fan of seeing his grandkids do things he's never seen before.
  • Sundee- the kids like...everyone like performing.
  • For next year; shorter, move faster for changes?

White Ribbon Week: Liz

  • Thank you Liz and Michelle
  • Sundee liked it! Let's line it up with Netsmartz, earlier in the year and activities outside.
  • Liz- kids empowered coming up

Last Business

  • Sundee- letter to the editor about drop off/pick up to show appreciation
  • Approved minutes from last meeting


  • Michelle motioned
  • Liz 2nd
  • All in favor