Communituy Council Minutes
November 13, 2017 @ 3 pm
Adams faculty Lounge


  • Sundee Ware
  • Mike Hale
  • Tiffany Wiberg
  • Angie Wiser
  • Launa Godfrey

Parent Teacher Conference

  • All Parents, except 1, in the school have been contacted for parent conferences.
  • Future Conferences
    • For the February conference, we would like parents to have access to schedule conferences on Monday, January 29th.
    • Parent training, digitally, on a specific skill students are learning.
    • At the January 8th CC, we will view the essential skill/grade digitally that will be used at parent conferences.

Holiday Concert

  • December 15th @ 6 pm at LHS
  • An action commitee was formed to be involved in all details of the program.

Cache Valley Direct

  • Over $2000 was earned through selling CV Direct to purchase folding chairs for assemblies in the cafeteria.

Science Fair/Family Night

  • January 24th- A time and details have not been set.
  • Rhiannon Peatross is meeting with PTA on Tuesday, November 14th to work out more details.

Trustlands Bylaws

  • Discussed what it is.
  • Sundee will send a copy of the budget.

Video on explanation of Trustlands

  • Utah is the only state where school sdiret trustland money.
  • Management - 3.3 million acres of land are trustland lands.
  • Funds - Interest on the revenue is deposited by the CITLA foundation toward schools.
  • Schools - benefit from Trustland money through aides, technology, etc.
  • Community Councils - create a school improvement plan and determine how funds are spent (

School Imporvement Plan

  • Goals for students were shared in Math and Language Arts

Drop off/pick up

  • As a whole, drop off and pick up are quicker and more efficient than in the past.

Holiday Concert

  • December 15th
  • This will take place of Community Council in December

Ideas from Community Council

  • Second language clubs after school. Celebrations - WIN time

Next Meeting

  • January 29, 2018


  • 4:05 pm