Community Council Minutes
November 12, 2018
Adams Leveled Library


  • Tiffany
  • Frank
  • Katie
  • Liz
  • Michelle
  • Sarah
  • Natalie


Liz:Read the Norms

Sarah: Reported Alex Gee trained kids on internet safety in assembly, little video (different for younger group and older group). Taught kids to think about what gets posted. It’s required. Digital Literacy to train kids on internet safety. (then Sarah left)

Tiffany: January 14th Collin Kartchner at Mount Logan at 1:30 at Mount Logan, Spectrum 7 pm for internet safety includes panel with psychologist, officer, etc.

Katie/ESP Voting: It was difficult and took a long time, but everyone here looked over all the nominations for ESP of the year without the names, just the comments. Then gave votes to Katie. (5 votes) (Then Katie left.)

Michelle on Family/Community Outreach:

  • Thinking of aligning this with January 14th parent night.
  • White ribbon week? Michelle talked about how white ribbon week worked at Ellis. The ideas are shared at lunch time. Teaches skills for saying no and stepping away.
  • Another idea is “It Starts with Hello” being a friend and not being a bully. It comes from gun violence from Sandy Hook Foundation and also from suicide problems.
  • Tiffany shared concerns about discussing gun violence and suicide could be presented/introduced in a damaging way.
  • It was discussed how Cache District is doing white ribbon week before Collin Kartchner presentation, and wondering why Logan High passed on it. Green Canyon, Ridgeline, and Sky View have assemblies. Mount Logan has presentation at 1:30 on January 14 and parent night at 7 pm at the spectrum.
  • Michelle also talked about the nights for parents/families: home depot, family place, space dynamics night, cultural night with good food, love and logic… more ideas… like unplug and connect…
  • So many good ideas…ways to help kids not be so addicted to being online…

Michelle: will email out to everyone the white ribbon week details. Liz will be considering all of that…

Other Concerns

  • Pick up/drop off has been an nightmare at preschool and kindergarten, “horrible”
  • Not enough grown-ups out there, parents “flipping off” other parents, parents parking and walking in, we need more official looking grown-ups outside to help keep drop off moving correctly…
  • How about neighborhood volunteers?
  • What’s the city information?
  • Concerns about Launa Godfrey’s classroom’s location safety.
  • We need to meet December 10 for “items for next time” everyone is okay with that.
  • Notes are separate from the agenda.
  • Michelle motioned to approve notes from last time.
  • Liz seconded it.
  • Notes are approved
  • Liz motioned to end meeting.
  • Tiffany seconded it.

Next Meeting

December 10, 2018