Community Council Minutes
October 9, 2017
Adams Faculty Lounge

Action Teams

  • Angel Wiser explained actions team.

SAC Committe

  • Receives and fields concerns

Student Leadership Team

  • Student submitted applications and selections are made.
  • Tom Papiernik is the staff member in charge

Safety Team

  • Handles emergency drills
  • Drills are in place for
    • Fires
    • earthquakes
    • Lock-down
    • Shelter-in-place
  • It was suggested that parents be notified when students have practiced an emergency drill so that parents can practice agian at home if they choose.


  • Jed Ali-Mari from city planning
    • Curbs are now being painted outside the school for drop off and pick up.
  • Bill Young from city mapping/engineering
    • He has put warrant counters on stop signs and a decision will be made if there is enough traffic to warrant a 4 way stop at intersections surrounding school grounds.

PRofessional Learning Community (PLC) Conference

  • most of the faculty attended Sept. 26-18th in Salt Lake City. (Those who did not had already attended one)
  • The purpose of the PLC is to ensure all students learn at high levels. This is a responce to intervention (RTI) practice
  • Our schedule at Adams is set up in Tiers. Tier 3 is the time for students to receive intervention on things they need whether they are missing essential skills or needing enriching activities to push them.
  • Essential skills need to be posted or presented to parents with the information so parents know what skills their students need.

Honor Roll

  • The question was raised whether our school should have an actual Honor Roll. We currently do not have one in place, but have incentive activities instead so the focus is on growth instead of final scores. Incentive activities were discussed.

Flagship Document

  • Contains non-negotiables for Behavior and for PLC’s.

Student Handbook

  • Editing is now completed. A map of the school with drop off and pick up locations will be included. CC members viewed the draft and a vote was taken for the draft to be uploaded online.

Parent Teacher conference

  • Scheduling is now online for parents to sign up for a time for PTC.

Important Dates

  • October 16th-17th: Parent Teacher Conference
  • October 18th-20th: Fall Break - no school
  • October 26th: Picture Make-Up day
  • October 27th: District Bfast @ 7:15 am (CC members invited)
  • October 31st: Fall Festival (Students must have met classroom set goals to attend.)
  • November 13th: CC Meeting @ 3pm

Items for Next Time

  • Bylaws
  • Trustland Videos
  • Safety Update-kits and practieces
  • Review of PTC