Community Council Minutes
October 22, 2018 @ 2:45 pm
Adams Leveled Library

Harry Potter Week Review

  • Tom Papiernick: Yes! It seemed to go really well. It started a week ago Monday with house points for a tug of war. We went through a full prep rotation with different things: potions, rhythm wands, letters "owl mail", fantastic beasts in library, quidditch competition finale. Ravenclaw won with the most points. All classes got awards at assembly. Then finishing activities on Wednesday before fall break. Lots of people got involved. It went pretty well. Kids seemed to enjoy it. Great Competition. Thanks for all the har work, Specialists!
  • Sundee: Thanks for heading it up. United Specialists. Compliments.
  • Next year...ideas like "brain bowl" instead of quiditch, keep havoc in prep time.
  • Natalie: email teachers and ask for feeback for future

SEP Conference

  • Start-Stop-Continue feedback
  • Liz: Where can you vote for ESP? (person of the year) She found it in the first-grade hall, but not everyone knew where it was or where to find it.
  • Canyon great online scheduler! Getting all children on same day close times is nice.
  • Coloring or other activities for siblings during conferences is great!

School Website and Social Media

  • What do we need to do to improve traffic/followers?
  • Not a lot of parents looking at Instagram or Facebook.
  • How much effort needs put into keeping posts current?
  • Having older/retired people come in to volunteer is great! How can we get the in?
    • Is Social Media the best?
  • What about Parent Link?
    • People don't listen to Parent Link very much. Adams sends one but people are too busy.
    • Middle School sends emails.
    • Logan High does a great Instagram
  • Parent dynamics are differnt(website)
    • It could be great for parents checking it.
    • We need someone able to post, imporve it and make it better.
    • Tiffany: Find someone who isn't involved much who can make it amazing, someone who isn't already too busy.
    • Things could be added ex. all of the Wizarding Week activites, pictures, prizes could have been shared.
  • Sundee: Will have Breanne Williams please contact you to guide and direct her with Instagram.
    • Parents can voluteer to take pictures at events.

Drop off/Pick up

  • Sundee met with people from the city, the signs say different things.
  • Looking at the map, preschool, kindergarten, and first grade pick-up is very jammed up.
  • Looking at moving first grade back to half-way up the park, but pushing it back might help with no parking.
  • Day care vans/buses will be using the bus area on the west side.
  • Extend the yellow farther north.
  • Idea about volunteers helping parents know where to pull up, drop off and move on.
  • Drop off/Pick up only sign along 500 N
  • "Drivers Must Remain In Vehicle" idea for not clogging up the drop off/pick up area
  • When new signs roll out, it can be put on Instagram.

Beginning of Year Data Review

  • I-Ready: first benchmark just got up and running this week
  • Data for DIBELS on the bak of information. Great Progress!
  • October 22-26 is the benchmark period
  • Sundee: We are working on making sure the students have the essentials
  • School Imporvement Plan
    • Reading and Math Essential Skills
    • Adams School Imporvment Plan 2018-2019

      85% of students in grades K-5 will make typickal growth and /or reach benchmark on the End-of-year DIBELS composite score.

      80% of students will reach a proficient end of year composite score and/or typical growth on I-Ready Math.
    • Grade Level SLO's
    • Grade Level SLOs

      80% of students will be able to read 28 NWF sounds in one minute as tested in DIBELS by May.
      First Grade
      80% of students will be able to blend 13 nonsense words, in one minute, fluently and accurately.
      Second Grade
      I can read my first and second hundred sight words in 1 minute. I can read on grade level text on benchmark or I can make typical reading growth.
      Third Grade
      80% of students will reach typical growth or benchmark goals on End of Year Dibels Composite Score
      Fourth Grade
      Students will be able to accurately divide 1 by 4 division problems, finding quotients and involving multi-digit dividends. They will be able to analyze and apply knowledge to solve equations successfully.
      Fifth Grade
      I can multiply three digits by two digits correctly (80% of the time).
      I can classify 3 correct thinking maps (circle, tree, double-bubble) according to the thinking process vocabulary (cognitive vocabulary).
      1) Students with a * by their name: I can read words with the following word patterns with 80% accuracy: consonant vowel consonant, consonant digraph, consonant blends, vowel consonant silent e long vowel patterns. 2) Students without a * by their name: I can read words with the following word patterns with 80% accuracy: consonant digraph, consonant blends, long vowel patterns with vowel consonant silent e, and long vowel patterns with vowel pair teams, and r-controlled vowels.

    Signiture on forms

    • Trustlands document has been sent in.

    Other concerns

    • Tiffany: Are we loosing students?
      • Our school has actually gained students
    • Another question about bi-lingual or dual immersion?
      • We don't have it.

    Important Dates

    • October 23rd- Lifetouch Picture Re-takes
    • November 1st- ESP Nominations are Due
    • November 2nd- ½ day Teacher Work Day
    • November 12th- Community Council @ 2:45pm in Leveled Library
      • Community Council will be voting on ESP of the Year
    • November 16th- ESP Winner is due to district
    • November 29th- ESP Winner is recognized at District Board Meeting
    • November 29th- Community Council District Training
    • December 13th Community Council invited to Adams Elementary Holiday Concert – LHS
    • January 14th- Community Council @ 2:45pm in Leveled Library
    • February 11th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library
    • March 11th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library
    • April 8th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library
    • May 13th- Community Council @ 2:45 in Leveled Library

    Approve September Minutes

    • Michelle motioned
    • Tiffany 2nd
    • All in favor


    • Dave motioned
    • Tiffany 2nd
    • All in favor

    Next Meeting

      November 12, 2018 @ 2:45 p.m.

    Items for Next Time

    • Vote for ESP of the Year
    • Michelle Family/Community outreach